Enhance your confidence and oral functionality with natural-looking dentures

Poorly fitted dentures can change your appearance for the worse. Cheap dentures add years to your face and often slip or move when eating, laughing or talking. In contrast, high-quality dentures can dramatically transform your oral function and appearance. Our dental team manufactures superior dentures that fit well and look natural, giving you the best smile of your life.

Types of dentures

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Many patients often assume that all dentures are the same. The reality is that dentures come in many sizes and shapes. Some denture options you can opt for include:

  • Complete dentures: Has gum disease or injury left you with missing all teeth in one arch or both? Complete dentures would be the most cost-effective option to replace your missing teeth. Consisting of a gum-coloured base and natural-looking, artificial teeth, full dentures complete your smile and restore your oral function.
  • Partial dentures: Sometimes, you only need to replace one or a few missing teeth. A partial denture would be ideal to complete your smile if you have some healthy teeth remaining. Like full dentures, partials consist of artificial teeth supported by a metal base and gum-colored acrylic cover or only acrylic base only, but they are secured by clasps anchored on the neighbouring teeth.
  • Implant-supported dentures: Traditional dentures are excellent, but you can take your tooth replacement to the next level by opting for implant dentures. Instead of getting support from suction or adhesives, implant dentures are anchored by implants installed strategically in your mouth. Implant-supported dentures are more stable and restore oral function more than the dentures alone.

High-quality dentures don’t happen by chance. The process requires meticulous planning to fabricate dentures that resonate with your personality, oral structures, and facial features. Before embarking on the fabrication process, our dental team takes your bite impressions to manufacture custom-fitting dentures. Our high-quality dentures are designed to “mimic” your natural teeth. So, they will help you eat or speak better and make you look younger, healthier, and more confident.

Transform your life with high-quality dentures

Don’t settle for dentures that make you look unattractive or older than your age. Please call (343) 803-6333 for an appointment with Dr. Far, and Majid Ahangaran to learn how good you can look and live with dentures.